interviewer: whatʼs your name, what do you do?


jir sandel: JIR SANDEL, I run an art agency.


int: why are you here?


jir: the agency has just moved its temporary offices from Copenhagen, Denmark to Los Angeles, California to put up a show titled: yey an unusual way of spelling yay. ^-^ in the Frogtown neighbourhood of Los Angeles.


int: where does this yey comes from?


jir: Iʼm working with how we look at things. So it’s a flip around of the word eye.


int: what is the show about?


jir: the show will display artists across genders and generations from 1947 to 1988. We brought some of the best artists we are in contact with from Denmark, and we will show them along with a list of amazing artists from Germany, United Kingdom, Norway and USA. With a special focus on contemporary painting, the show will work with ways of representing and looking at painting today and hopefully unfold some of paintings hidden abilities.


int: what’s up with the reference to cokain in the title? Is that a comment, or is it some sort of inspiration in your work?


jir: Iʼm not interested in answering that. For me, there is not one way to look at an artwork and if the same word can bring you from coke to yay, yey or eye it means that there is not one single way around things here in this world. I’m interested in looking at things and trying to arrange information and then present it to people.


int: thanks - good luck with the show


jir: youʼre welcome